​​​​Sedona Soul Healing is a name that encompasses a variety of Spiritual Healing Services offered by Shaman and Healer Bradley Gissell.

Healing Services are designed to meet an individuals needs. Energy Sessions specialize in Karma Clearing, Removing Traumas, and Healing Past Wounds.  The Technique derives from Sanskrit Shakti Healing and Kundalini Yoga.  It's one of the quickest and easiest ways to shift, clear, and move forward on the spiritual path. Simple Email Readings answer Intuitive Guidance to your questions. Soul Readings are a great way to learn about yourself and your soul karma.  It's a look into Past Lives, Numerology, and then a reading of the Third Eye and Akashic Records.  He offers Ascension Activations, DNA Strand Recoding, and Divine Blueprint Attunements. All Spiritual Healing Services are designed to assist ones in bringing through more of their Higher-Selves.  Coaching and Mentor Programs are for those with a spiritual commitment to Self-Growth and Higher Learning.  It's not only about Healing...  

It's about Psychic Development and Gaining Self-Confidence.  

One Grows Exponentially on a Spiritual Level.  

This is Soul work that Heals the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions.  

People feel as if the Weights have been Lifted.  

They become Lighter and Brighter enjoying a New Sense of Being and Awareness.  

Others wonder what they did to Clear, Shift, and Release Trigger Wounds so quickly.  ​

You become the person you've been waiting to be!  

We Clear and Heal the blocks getting in the way! 

Transcend Karma and Limitation.  

Healing Sessions are Safe, Effective, and Nurturing.

Healer Apprentice Programs are also available for those on the Spiritual Path of Service.

​Healing from Sedona to Beyond!

Sedona Soul Healing

 Spiritual Healer, 

Removal of karmic blocks and triggers,

Chakra Balance/Chakra Repair, Soul Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Dna activations, Healing By Phone

Spiritual Consultant, Spiritual Mentor, Certified Life Coach, 

​Spiritual Energy Transmissions


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sEdona Soul Healing



Many Miracles & Quantum Blessings!