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Sedona Soul Healing


Heal The SOul, Heal the Body.

Sedona Soul Healing

Sedona is known as the spiritual Mecca of the planet. Amongst many of the other sacred places on the planet, people come from all over the world to be in the Sedona Vortex energies.

Sedona Soul Healing provides spiritual coaching, readings, and activations. Founder, Brad Gissell led a series of global healing activations all over the world and today can still connect to the Sedona Vortex energies to send healing to people all over the world.


Founder of Sedona Soul Healing

Bradley Gissell


In 2007 Shaman and Healer Bradley Gissell stayed near the Bell Rock vortex in The Village of Oak Creak; there he was drifting off to sleep and felt the rocks across from Bell rock vibrating. He heard, “Sedona wants you and needs you. You will do very well here.” In 2011, he moved to Sedona and began Sedona Soul Healing. There he led powerful global and group healing activations. Today, he continues to heal through spiritual coaching, readings and activations.

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Readings & Sessions

This healing modality works both on the subconscious mind and the energetic field.  It comes from Sanskrit and was the original form of healing on the planet.  All other healing modalities stem of of “Shakti Healing.” Brad describes it as sort of like reiki and hypnosis at the same time.


3 Question Email Reading

Ask three questions, and Brad will email you a response.  It’s intuitive guidance that can help you find the next steps to move forward.

Soul Reading

This is a reading of one’s third eye and Akashic Records.  Numerology and some astrology are also used.  It’s a look into a persons past lives and current soul karma.  It’s something that can be referred back to from time to time for inspiration or steps to work on.

Healing Sessions

 During this time, Brad scans the aura to look for the blocks and triggers that need clearing.  Next comes a meditative healing process.  The energetic blocks get healed and cleared.  As a result, one steps out of unwanted repeating patterns.


Platinum Coaching Package.

Monthly spiritual healing sessions and weekly consulting calls. This starts with a soul reading to get a look into one’s karma and spiritual path.  Then it’s a deep transformational process.  It’s a combination of healing, learning and growing that gets exponential results.

I love your prayers, and your poems were deeply moving. The philosophy is very inspirational and incredibly touching. I don’t remember reading anything that gave me such healing energy.
— One-On-One Healing Client