Build an Alter

It was not said that money is the root of all evil, but , “The love of money is the root of

Evil.” Money itself is not good or bad, but it’s how we think about money that affects our experiences. There are three ways in which you can start thinking of money differently.

  1. Make a money shrine. You can do this by starting with a couple of pennies. Some people talk about carrying a hundred dollars that that goes unspent. In Feng Shui, money is placed in a certain part of the home to keep it flowing. I leave change piles around in spots around my home. The idea is to start seeing it and to start feeling like you have it.

  2. Open your heart to receiving. Start allowing yourself to have money. Tap your heart and say, “I am worthy of having money.” “Money will allow me to be a more generous person.” Remember that once you open your heart, you can not only receive but allow your soul to heal from the things that have been weighing on it.

  3. Make money spiritual. Serge Kahili King talks about being the emperor of the universe. In divine essence, you are everything. This imagination puts you in the feeling. Notice how you act and how others respond to you. Refine how you are going to be with a large amount of money. There are talks about raising the glass ceiling. This means where your subconscious set at. Visualize a thermostat and continue to turn it up. If you make a hundred dollars per day, imagine making one thousand dollars per day You can always set your own thermostat for where your money is at.

It is important to put your thoughts in present tense as if you already have it. Set your own parameters and let the sky be the limit. You have it now.

Faith Anderson