Grace and Ease.

Make money fun instead of paying your bills and hating it. Think about paying your bills with the gratitude that you have the money to pay your bills. If you’re in debt, imagine being out of debt and think about being in a state of gratitude that it’s all worked out.

Remember to click off the unworthy switch and tap into your heart and say, “I am worthy and deserving.” Think about healing services and meditate on what you can do to increase your self-worth. Money does not need to hold you hostage nor be something that changes the way you view yourself. The longer you can hold this focus, The quicker you will manifest it. Leave everything up to the universe. Surrender to the guides and angels and allow the ideas and action steps to fall into place.

Imagine the sun and moon in your heart. Hold focus on the thing you are trying to manifest. Project it out into your third eye a foot in front of your forehead. Find the feeling of it. Sananda speaks of identifying with it. Believe you already have it. Tap your heart. Say, “I now accept money into my life. I give myself permission to have money and it is a tool used for good things that allows me to have more comfort in my life.”

Faith Anderson