"I Am Enough"

Looking on the bright side takes practice. Is there something that happened to you when you were younger that leaves a bad taste in your mouth about money? You may need soul healing. Meditate on what happened and come to a place of forgiveness of the past. I often explain to people that we’ve all told a white lie until it became a true story. Do this with your past and learn to let go.

“I am enough.” Repeat this to yourself. Say it to yourself in your eyes in the mirror. Tap your heart say it out loud and this as often as you can. Anytime you start to go into lack, remind yourself. “I am enough.” and just keep anchoring this into you. Ask your higher self to start working in your subconscious mind to change your programming.

While you are reminding yourself to let go of the past, bless your future and ask your guides and angels to bless your future as well. It is important to view money as a blessing and to give yourself permission to have enough. When you feel good about yourself, you won’t be afraid to begin attracting it to you. Tap your heart and say, “I love myself.” Know you are a lovable person. Create a belief that money loves you and that it makes all of your relationships better. It’s not a dependency on something outside of you. It’s a feeling within that you externalize.

Faith Anderson