Love Yourself First

You don’t need to buy love if you have self love. You’re lovable with or without money. First, imagine yourself as having an abundance of love and think of a team of angels coming to permeate you with love. It comes from above and percolates within you. Imagine that you’re a fountain of love vibrations flowing through you. No one will want to buy it from you, because it can’t be sold. Others will want what you have because It’s the feeling of love. This is what we replace having lots of money with. Many believe that if they have a lot of money, then they will be loveable. What they don’t understand is that real love Love is free for those seek it. Make the choice to decide you will be fearless around money.

When you begin to love yourself you resonate with others who love themselves. Trust that you will know who his real and who isn’t. We all intuitively do this all of the time. Forgive yourself for creating this belief system. See yourself as being able to protect your wealth. Get out of the need to act like you have a lot and foot the bill. Ask your angels to help you remove this fear. When you shift within, and view yourself as having you’ll attract others that view themselves as having. Know that money has no control over you and that your love, real love, comes from within.

Faith Anderson