It's Not About The Money

I was talking to a healer friend of mine about another healer… She said he’s all about the money.  Instantly red flags come up.  Is he a snake oil salesman?  The answer is no.  For me, I value myself and my services.  A mentor of mine Victor Barron told me, “the healer needs to eat too.” 

The prices I chose for my services are Christed numbers.  If I charge $40 for a session, they don’t value it as much if they pay $333 for a session.  $333 is a Christed number.  I used to think healing should be free.  When I was in Sedona, I was throwing free Global Healing Activations for, “The Birth of a New Earth.”  The other healers in the area knew I was real, because I was doing it for free…  That was for the planet.  The earth is ascending, and we are ascending with her.  We are bringing our higher-selves in to witness a new dimension on earth.  We’re here co-creating it.

My prices are sliding scale and negotiable.  If you need help, don’t be afraid to call me.  It’s about lifting everyone up the best that we can. 

It’s not all about the money.  It’s about sharing the gifts, yet still it’s an energy exchange.  The goal is win-win for everybody.  This is why I choose to not have a shopping cart, but instead a simple donate button.

When looking for healers follow your heart.  Trust your own intuition. 

I believe we are being guided.  If you are reading this on some level you were guided to find it.  If you need assistance call me.  I’ll give you some free consultation, and we can take it from there.

Faith Anderson