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I Am Here: Chronicles of a Christ: Memoirs of a Modern Master

The writings of Bradley Thomas Gissell are prolific. He encompasses many styles and streams of consciousness. His work includes channeled wisdom, inspirational poems, healing prayers, prophecy, and "I Am" teachings. Healers and guides encouraged Brad to write, as part of his own healing process. They told him that it would, also, help and heal others. 
There are many meanings to some of the lines that he writes. Bradley likes plays on words and things that can be looked at from more than one perspective. Some of it is his documentation of the darkness before the dawn. Feeling that he had to do this, it was process. After having a near death experience, he believes, if you are reading this, it is a miracle.

The work is dedicated to all the musicians, writers and artists, everyone struggling to live their dreams, praying for a brighter day. He wants to inspire you to go for it. Anything is possible, and if there is a will there is a way. 
There is social commentary and explanation of the world changes. It is prophecy of the quantum shift and global transformation. He believes that this is the most auspicious time to be on earth, and encourages people to wake up. "Start being the change you want to be."

Later, it was noticed that the work has the phenomenon of being a divination. Many experience clicking on random pages, and explaining such things as." "That's, exactly, what I needed to hear," or, "I have Goosebumps."