“His System Works!”

  • “I wanted to thank you for your mega telephone clearing session last week, your sharing, which was very helpful and your friendship.  This week, there was a new feeling coming up of serenity/hope/enthuisiasm.  F. Is increasing in self-worth and confidence.  He is happy, and it’s great to be in his company.  His relationship to his father is much better.  G., on his part, has abandoned the need of being a hermit.  He has become less stubborn and has grown in self-love/self-worth.  This is a grad result so far.”

  • “Thank You Brad with all my heart!!!”

  • “S.’s reading is wonderful and very right on!  Now one of my other daughters wants a soul reading!  My daughter just said you are amazing.  TRUE!”
    "I am so grateful for all you have done for me.  One of the biggest blessings of my life!”

  • “Each day something deep in my soul opens up.  I’m deeply grateful, humbled by this process, while enlivened, energized, and clear.  Two work related opportunities are now launched, from. Which I’ll be able to create more money than ever before.  I’m in a loving space.  Thank you from my heart to yours.”

  • “Thanks for yesterday.  I’m really happy I did the session!  I noticed something very interesting today - my blood pressure went down.  I test it nearly everyday.  The visualizations were awesome, and last night I did exactly what you said.  “I’m healing and shifting.”  You have a very special gift!  Thanks for sharing your energy with me.”

  • “Thanks for the session last night.  I feel really good today… Many Blessings!”

  • “Thank you for your encouragement!  I felt so much light and joy last night.  Wow, what a healing session that has been for me!  A gallery emailed me this morning and is interested in my sculptures, so you helped clear those blocks I had.”  

  • “I feel very good today.  I did not have to take any pain medication.  Thank you for reminding me to be patient!  Much Love and Aloha.”

  • “G. Looks great today, his eyes are bright and he has a rosy glow to him.  He said he feels better, and he did notice a difference from you session.  The interview went great for my husband.  I feel your continued blessings.  What a dear Angel friend you have been to us!  It was a peaceful and joyful day.  My horses could feel the healing peace too!  Blessings of Love and Light”

  • “You have given so much compassion and concern even after all of the wonderful healing work.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautiful light with us.  It had brought so much joy and peace!  I have been to so many healers, but never found it so deeply.  All the best to you.”

  • “Thank you for the beautiful healing gift, what a wonderful session I had with you.  It was a new experience for me.  I didn’t feel stressful driving in busy traffic.  Wonderful changes are happening to me, and I love it!  I already gave myself something wonderful today by having an appointment with you.”

  • “I was out at Kahala Mall and I found a dollar.  It’s a start!  Much love and Aloha.”

  • “Things are going so wonderfully.  D. Was so content and centered last night, the healing has helped us so much!  We have peace in the evenings together now.  I can’t thank you enough!!!”

  • “You are a world teacher, such a huge scope your healing will continue to reach.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.  You brought teaching and healing on your visit, and I appreciate all you have given.”

  • “Thank you for your giving generous heart!  I feel you are always there for my family.  I feel surrounded in loving energy, and a very peaceful home now.  H. Keeps opening up more and softening.  I am opening up now more too.  You brought such healing gifts that continue to grow.  You are so very powerful!! God has brought such a beautiful healer to the world, and I’m honored and blessed by knowing you.”

  • “Thank you, you explain on all levels what is going on and make it simple.  I tend to make it complicated for myself.  You are so centered and have such a knowing!  I feel more peaceful reading the wisdom from your emails!  I’m going to make sure I refer back to this, it is very positive.  Thanks again.  You’re awesome.  Love and Light.”

  • “Thank you, you certainly inspire and bring peace.  I will Thank God and sleep peaceful tonight.  Blessings!”

  • “She is showing more gratitude and has been happy and at peace, yesterday and today.  It’s so nice to see her smile again!  Having the healing helped her gain more confidence to get out in the world more.  I wish you could see how well she is doing.  Your healing work is amazing!”

  • “Thank you for giving me so much healing and guidance.  I feel healing in many ways right now.Everything you said is true.  You make sense of things and simplify situations.”

  • “Wow!  I have been enjoying your beautiful inspirational prayers and writings all afternoon.”

  • “I love your prayers, and your poems were deeply moving.  The philosophy is very inspirational and incredibly touching.  I don’t remember reading anything that gave me such healing energy.”

  • “Bradley you have helped me.  What more can I say?  Thank You!!!”

  • "I invested in a session with Brad and our focus was clearing negative beliefs about money that have hindered the growth of my consulting business and general financial success.  I paid Brad $200 and he easily helped me look at the inner me and made me aware of the previous childhood and adult experiences and messages that had been creating negative outcomes.  Within 35 days I closed a deal (that appeared to be dead) and I was paid $3000 for a day of consulting services.  There was a definite correlation between Brad's inner core clearings and my success.  I can confidently say that there was a 15 to 1 return on my investment.  Since then more opportunities have arisen and I am now working with Brad to improve other areas of my life.  Everything is getting better!  Bradley Gissel is a genuine loving dude and he has an amazing gift!!! His system works!"